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Welcome to Jack's Pledge

OVER 20,000 Hockey Players from  around North America and Europe have taken Jack's Pledge and received the Jabby #13 In our Hearts helmet sticker. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

On Friday, December 30, 2011, Benilde St. Margaret Sophomore, Jack "Jabby" Jablonski, was chasing a puck behind the goal line when a check from behind sent him head first into the boards. His injury was severe: two broken vertebra and a severed spinal cord; his life changed in an instant.  For Jack's full story and recovery update, please see:

Jack grew up playing hockey in the Minneapolis (Storm) Hockey Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis Hockey Association – along with the Jablonski family – are driving change in the game to eliminate dangerous play and to make hockey safer for young hockey players everywhere.  

Jack's tragic incident birthed Jack’s Pledge, a grass-roots program aimed at enhancing safety in the game of hockey. Through membership in Jack’s Pledge, hockey associations, hockey teams, hockey coaches and hockey players (boys and girls) pledge to play the Right Way -- Jack's Way -- by the rules, safe, smart and skillfully. Hockey parents and fans can also be part of Jack's community by registering through the Community Support page.

We hope you agree with our initiative.

 There are Three components to Jack's  Pledge:

  1.  Taking The Pledge: All Players, Coaches and Associations/Teams are encouraged to "take the pledge" and play by Jack's Way.
  2. Recognition:  Helmet Stickers are available to symbolize support for Jack and playing Jack's Way.  We will distribute helmet stickers free of charge to Associations, High School Teams,  Junior Teams, and College Teams within the United States.  In order to get helmet stickers, we encourage Youth teams and individuals to influence your associations to adopt Jacks Pledge. In addition, those associations and teams who register will be recognized on this web site.
  3. Communication: To drive the cultural changes needed for safer hockey, we are building a community of registered supporters who believe in playing hockey Jacks Way--by the rules, safe, smart and skillfully. Everyone who registers will be part of the Jack's Pledge community. Hockey Players, Coaches and Associaiton Leaders register in "The Pledge" section. Hockey Parents and Jack's Pledge supporters can register in the "Community Support" section.  

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Please visit "The Pledge" tab to learn more about the Players Pledge, The Coaches Pledge, Rule 13 and how to Register and become a member of Jack's Pledge. If you are a Hockey Parent or fan, please visit and register at the "Community Support" page to become part of the Jack's Pledge community.

Please read important articles on hockey in our "Community Support" section.

A link to has been provided if you wish to donate directly to the Jablonski family.

Stay Tuned for additional enhancements to our site that will allow you to share with the community ways players, coaches and teams are embracing Jack's Pledge.

Help us influence the great game that we love by registering in Jack's Pledge and playing hockey Jack's Way - by the rules, safe, smart & skillfully. We must create a safer hockey environment so that no other player EVER sustains an injury like Jack. Help us drive change through Jack's Pledge.